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Be Myself Chapter 40: 39 Blessed Escape, a young adult fiction | FictionPress

So, after the evilness of last week’s Be Myself! chapter, I decided to update the story one week earlier. Sadly, it means no update for The Orchestra this week, but I don’t think Be Myself! readers care that much.

Warning for blood, description of injuries, and hospital scenes. 
I did try my best researching everything, but feel free to point out if I got something wrong in the medical side of things.

Be Myself! will be updated again on the 28th of September. I will update The Orchestra on the 14th and 21st.

Also available here

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Bisexual community:
We define bisexuality as attraction to people of the same gender and different genders.
Aaaaactually bisexuality means "attracted to men and women" because the prefix "bi" means "two".
Bisexual community:
Okay, that's a really narrow and finicky way of examining things, but yes the prefix bi means two. Which means that bisexual people are attracted to two different gender groups. Like, for example, people of the same gender as them and people of a different gender than them. Which is what we said. Our definition of our own sexual orientation is still right even with your narrow and finicky standards applied to it.
Sorry, I didn't catch any of that. I have my entire head and neck firmly lodged up my own ass. Bi means two. Bisexual means

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Be Myself Chapter 39: 38 I'm Not Your Perfect Son, a young adult fiction | FictionPress


Oscar goes visit his parents for the last time. It’s enough to say it didn’t go as planned. 

That said, the next chapter has already been written. Depending on the feedback and I get for this chapter, I might update the story sooner. 

Time to guilty-trip me, because yeeaaah I feel so bad about this chapter. T_T

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Anonymous asked: Oh please. Capitalism: To each according to one’s own hard work. Read a book! :)


Oh, shit, you’re right… OH WAIT. What’s this…

Working poor? But I thought hard work always rendered wealth????? OMG LOOK AT THIS SHIT THOUGH.

More poor people in America have a job than not??? WHAAAAATT? But, graph, anon told me hard work yields wealth!

Well would you take a fucking look at this. Do you know what this means? Not only are all these hard workers poor (but hard work makes people rich????), but capitalism is also hella racist. Socialism and communism both give everyone the same opportunities, but why would we want that?! That would take white privilege out of the world of work. Equal opportunity for all colors? Fuck that, right? I prefer capitalism, where the class system and minimal regulation of business allows blatant discrimination in the work place.

I mean, surely the rich get rich by working hard and being honest. This is America, right?

Whoa! Excuse me, graph? Anon told me hard work yielded wealth??? This can’t be right! The actual workers of corporations bust their asses to make the profit for the corporations??? If this were the case, that would mean that CEOs *gasp* STEAL profit from workers???? WHAAAATTT?????

Hard work does not render wealth in a capitalist setting, or the term “working poor” wouldn’t exist. Look around you! :)

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The Orchestra - Sinfónía Lífsins Chapter 36: 36 - A Friend in Need, a romance fiction | FictionPress

The  headline “Dmitri is a prostitute” hit home hard. But surprisingly, Siggi wants to be there for his friend and put his natural arseholeness to good use. 

Now that it’s Dmitri’s turn to go through Hell, Siggi is finally finding his way out. But what is going to happen when he meets Gunni again?

The chapter is also available here.  

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Be Myself Chapter 38: 37 Halloween in September, a young adult fiction | FictionPress

With this chapter, Part 2 is officially over. Oscar thinks he’s finally ready to confront his father for all the shit of the past 15 years, but will the future bring to him?

Also, this chapter has a party and some fun intimate times It’s all, like, a big celebration, really. So go read!

As well as the link above, you can also find it here

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Be Myself Chapter 37: 36 A Lesson on Gender Identity, a young adult fiction | FictionPress

So, got home from BiCon at nearly 11:30pm (loooong trip, but the company was awesome), but still managed to find the brains to post the new Be Myself! chapter before dying in bed.

This is basically a trans awareness workshop in the form of a chapter. Because I just had to find a way of joining those two things I like doing a lot.
And any lack of sense for this post can be blamed on BiCon. I’ll use that excuse for the whole week. Maybe month. Don’t care.

Also available here.

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Britain is sending my bisexual son to his death, says mother


[Leeds UK]: Earlier today (25 July), Edwards was detained after a routine sign-in at Water Side Court in Leeds, north-east England.

His family say he was given no warning and no indication to him or his family that he would be detained.

Orashia Edwards who is bisexual lost his asylum case earlier this month and is now threatened with immediate deportation to Jamaica West Indies… His family say Edwards was suicidal after losing the legal case, and his mental health has worsened considerably over the past few weeks. ‘They’re refusing to tell me where my son is. Something has changed. I am very, very terrified,’ a tearful Brown told GSN on the phone. 

After he lost his legal battle, he said he would ‘prefer to be a dead man than get on a flight to die. I have nowhere to go’.

Leeds for Change, an organization campaigning on behalf of LGBTI asylum seekers, successfully got a flight cancelled that was meant to deport Edwards last January.  The group alleges the Home Office decision behind who is granted asylum have been prejudiced.

Some activists also say the Home Office finds it difficult to grant bisexual people asylum, saying there is an attitude that they could ‘pass’ in their home country.

  • No Borders Leeds - Orashia was detained again for the 3rd time this morning as he went to sign on in Waterside. His most recent appeal was denied yesterday yet nobody was informed until today, again leaving little or no time for Orashia, his family or his legal team time to prepare. Please help inform others and pass on this latest news. Thank you
  • Petitioning Teresa May, Home Secretary; Ed Miliband, Labour Party; Nick Clegg, Lib Dems Don’t Deport Orashia SIGN PETITION HERE
  • The Home Office are really feeling pressure from support & publicity around Orashia’s campaign. Please keep the pressure on. Write to your MP using this template letter and send it to your MP here. More contact details on this page.
  • Please donate to his legal fund here. Orashia’s family are working every hour possible to raise funds which have already cost over £2000 so far. All of Orashia’s legal team are working pro bono :) so the costs are just covering his court fees.

Thank you so much for all the support so far

(Source: lgbtqblogs, via its-almost-as-if)